Parenting Seminars

This seminar will outline important developmental milestones and help you understand your baby’s behavior at eachstage of development from birth to 4yrs.


when a child attends Bliss Age, so does the whole family modern day parents go through a lot of stress at work or business. It adversely affects the atmosphere at home and at times unknowingly it leaves a mark on children in their formative years. Parents also needs to learn to be motivated to show the child right Path while he or she grows up. We have arranged half day course for parents on different subjects on monthly basis to enhance their knowledge and personality to implement them effectively in the workplace and home.

All babies are born with a starter supply of happiness and a desire to be close to their parents. The workshop will discuss the goal of parenting, the foundation of selfesteem and how day to day parenting decisions will foster your baby’s inner well being and optimism about the world—every parents’ desire. We will provide practical parenting strategies and many illustrative examples.

This seminar presents a loving approach to parenting that will enhance your relationship with your child, strengthen your partnership, and help you enjoy parenting more. Your relationships with each other and with your child are your most powerful tools in raising a happy and successful child. We will address common parenting concerns and offer ways to resolve them in effective and growthpromoting

You will learn what is reasonable to expect and how best to promote your child’s healthy development and foster their inner wellbeing and happinessevery parent’s desire. We will provide practical parenting strategies, many examples as well as offer an open forum to discuss parents’ specific concerns.

All babies come into the world with optimism and a desire to be close to their parents. This workshop will help you to understand your baby’s ageappropriate developmental needs and how to help him fall asleep lovingly and respond to his cries. We will also discuss the need to balance the lifechanging experience of parenting an infant with your own need for sleep. The first half of the session will be informational. The second half will be an open forum where parents can share challenges, ask specific questions, and troubleshoot situations with the instructors and other families.

This seminar will provide advice on setting child friendly routines around mealtimes,
playtime and helping your child choose to use the potty. The focus is on understanding what is developmentally appropriate at each age and then helping children enjoy these important life skills free from power struggles and conflict. Learn how to recognize your child’s motives and how to balance their desires with their health and safety. The workshop offers many practical tips to safeguard your child’s emotional health in the process.

This seminar will outline the most up to date research on infant and child development. You will learn that your loving, responsive and caring relationship with your child is the most important factor in helping him develop healthy selfesteem. Also covered is how to use discipline in a way that preserves your child’s selfesteem and your relationship. We will show you that it’s never too late to begin building a more positive relationship with your child no matter the age of your child or approaches used in the past.

This seminar will outline important developmental milestones and help you understand your child’s behavior at each stage of development. You will learn what is reasonable to expect at each age and how best to respond to promote your child’s healthy development. The result is a close and loving relationship for you and your child that will last a lifetime.


This seminar we will show you that you no longer have to resort to hard discipline or soft permissiveness to guide your children. There is a better, more enjoyable way. We will show you how to stay in charge of your children’s behavior while building their own capacity for healthy selfgovernance. The result is that you will raise children that grow up to be happy and successful adults who make positive and constructive choices in their lives.