Healthy Fooding

With a complete balanced diet for the kid’s nourishment, we also take in the significance of taste palates.

Early healthy nutrition shapes eating habits

The overall well-being is attained through balanced nourishment in the kids preparing their mind & body for the later stages in life. Therefore, good nutrition plays an enormous role in cultivating growth and development of our children. It is vital to take care of the entire nutrient requirements for the physical and mental health of kids.


The thorough diet plan at BlissAge

BlissAge serves pure vegetarian and well balanced diet for kids. Every day food is cooked in a hygienic kitchen by our expert catering team offering a variety of foods & repeatedly introducing new food encourages our children to experiment and accept different tastes and textures.

A diet chart is being revised after intervals to offer variety in diet to our kids. Seasonal fruits & vegetables, dairy products, pulses, whole grains, etcetera is included proportionally as per kid’s nutrition requirements. The team of well-trained caretakers and teachers add up spiritual dining lessons each day to help our kids experience joyous fooding each day.